People are (somehow) having a difficult time finding the dog in this picture

The panda debacle is finally over, it appears and now the internet has returned to the tradition of finding hidden pets in household settings.

Buckle up, you're in for a mad one here.

For instance, there is a dog somewhere in the below picture:

Many people cannot find the dog...

Killer Caities said:

That is a ninja.

SofaKingMike said:

It took me a minute to find her.

Canadianpollyanna said (referring to the caption "She thinks if she sits really still, i won't see her"):

She ain't wrong

OttNash said:

Had to turn the brightness on my phone all the way up. In related news, I am now blind.

RainieCog said:

This is amazing.

Still stuck? If you scroll down the article, we will do our journalistic duty and helpfully reveal the dog:

The original image was uploaded to imgur by user I4got2ptinthecrystals, while the below image, which also features a dog, was uploaded by damien_shallwenot.

Again, if you scroll down the article, we will reveal the dog:

The dog is here:

Right, disperse and go back to your day.

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