People who are worse than Hitler, according to the internet


Reddit users have looked at who in world history is worse than Adolf Hitler. Because, Reddit.

The moment anybody over 40 refers to a meme, gif, Lad Bible post or website that the young people use, its value drops. In part this is more a symptom that something online has become to so overused and cliche that it's passed into parental parlance, rather than adults actually causing something to be unpopular.

For instance, bringing up Hitler in an argument is now so cliche even former Mayors of London are doing it. Repeatedly. Why?

Reddit users produced a bar chart of all the people considered to be 'Worse than Hitler' based on 'Up votes'. Here's their chart:


Some obvious choices top the list, mostly other murderous dictators. The data is drawn from various lists, including who was the worst person before Hitler and lists of the most evil women in history.

Less well known contenders include Hitler's wife (for a few hours) Eva Braun, Countess Elizabrth Bathory, a serial killer born in sixteenth-century Hungary, and Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Reddit used to be fun. Now they've gone all serious.

The use of Hitler in an argument is so derided that it's now a short hand for saying someone has lost an argument and is scrabbling around for moral superiority.

In the spirit of democracy, and the everlasting wisdom of mob rule, here's indy100's own list of contenders for your consideration. These are all folks who have been called 'worse than Hitler', or words to that effect.

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