A man discovered his flatmate wasn’t the most useful person to have around when he asked him to pick up a five pack of Peperami and he brought home five packets of pepperoni slices instead.

Posting on Reddit, the man shared images of the mistakenly purchased salami feast, and we just hope he can think of enough recipes that need pepperoni.

“My flatmate asked if I wanted anything from Asda, I asked for a 5pk of peperami hot. This is what I received,” he said.

The post caused a stir, attracting 451 comments. Reacting to it, people were pretty nonplussed and suggested ways he could use all the food.

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“Wow. Pepperoni toasties and pizza for the next 3 weeks I guess,” one wrote.

Another said: “When life hands you pepperoni, make toasties.”

A third wrote: “Stick a couple of bits of cheddar, one of them little gherkins and a water biscuit on the plate, call it a charcuterie plate and you’ll still be a fat bastard, but a middle class one.”

Elsewhere in the comments, the man then said his flatmate then asked him for £5 for the slices but he said he was only prepared to pay £2.20 for what he actually had wanted. When someone asked if his flatmate didn’t speak English, he also clarified: “He’s Spanish but he’s lived here for 5 years. I even explained the red wrapper not the green.”

Happens to the best of us.

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