Woman sparks debate after uninviting stepdad from her wedding even though he paid for it

Woman sparks debate after uninviting stepdad from her wedding even though he paid for it

A viral Reddit thread stirred up a storm after a bride-to-be faced a brutal ultimatum that led her to uninvite her stepdad from the big day – despite him funding it.

She explained how she and her brothers, both in their 30s, had a hard time when their parents divorced. As the Redditor was the youngest of the siblings, she lived with her stepdad and “established a somewhat stable relationship.”

She described his generous nature, saying he helped out with schooling and offered to pay for the wedding.

“He did what he could to help me out with school and everything,” she explained on the thread. “He even offered to fund my wedding which is going to be in 5 weeks time and I’m very grateful for that though this was his decision.”

However, her older brothers “resented” their stepdad and kept contact to a minimum.

They essentially told her: it’s their stepdad or us, adding they “might not [attend]” if their stepdad was going to be there.

After a back and forth between her and her fiance, she felt like she “had no choice” but to “politely uninvite” her stepdad and sent him an email stating why.

Her mum later slammed her daughter, calling her “hurtful stuff.” She said she was “ungrateful” after everything her stepdad had ever done for her.

The Redditor added that her mum criticised her for “prioritising [her] hateful and cold-hearted brothers over [her] stepdad and showing him that I’m not worthy of his grace which was really really hurtful for [her] to hear.”

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The anonymous 25-year-old turned to the forum for some much-needed reassurance that she wasn’t an “a**hole.” Her ordeal racked up hundreds of responses, most of whom collectively agreed that the 30-year-old brothers “needed to grow up.”

One fellow Reddit user highlighted that the brothers were the issue. “She should have put it back on them.  They are the problem,” he said. “And barring any condemning info against stepdad, they are absolute immature jerks.”

One slammed her for being the “a**hole of the day.” They said: “My lord AH of the day. YTA big time. What a wild, wild move. I’d be cancelling that check for the wedding real fast.”

Another added: “You are now a pawn in the dick wagging contest your brothers have maintained against your stepdad since they were youths.”

While one praised her stepdad’s decency. “The fact that stepdad didn’t immediately say well if I’m not coming I’m not paying shows that he’s a decent guy that cares,” the user commented. “But seriously, if she cuts him out, she needs to be paying. At this point, she’s just using stepdad.”

“She doesn’t have to uninvite anyone. Everyone can come, the brother. Thet chose not to do so,” another concluded.


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