My Friend Peppa Pig (Next Gen Trailer)

An innocent advertisement for Peppa Pig took on a new meaning once a Twitter user noticed the advertisement placed next to it was for a bacon sandwich.

Twitter user foxtrot_ro posted a video of two ironically placed advertisements on the social media platform saying "they knew".

In the video, an advert for the children's TV show first appeared on a digital billboard. The ad featured a child's hand-drawn picture of Peppa Pig with the quote "Peppa is super kind to everyone."

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Then the digital billboard changed to an advert for a McDonald's bacon breakfast sandwich with the text "only question is red or brown?" on it.

The video of the awkwardly placed adverts went viral with over a million views.

"@McDonald's explain yourself," foxtrot_ro wrote in a follow-up tweet.

"I do love the irony in this clip," Craig wrote.

"A great motivator to go veggie? Poor Peppa…," Jo responded.

"Some unfortunate media planning," James wrote.

Typically, advertisement agency media planners decide where to place an ad, what time of day, when, and for how long.

But sometimes details like the order of advertisements can get overlooked, leading to funny moments like the Peppa Pig bacon sandwich situation.

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