Peppa Pig is branded ‘communist’ in bizarre new TV commercial for children’s book

A children’s book company in the US has suggested that children are being exposed to socialism while watching Peppa Pig in a strange new commercial.

The Tuttle Twins is a series of books intended to teach children the “different aspect of the principles of a free society,” and “free-market” values they believe aren’t taught in schools anymore.

In a video published on their YouTube channel, the company says that the British cartoon, which has been on the air for 17 years, shows kids communist and socialist ideologies.

In the beginning, you see a child dressed in what appears to be Soviet attire as he says, “We must seize the means of production,” with a cookie jar in his hands.

Afterwards, the mom grabs the cookie jar from his hands and tells him to go “regulate the mess in your room.”

“It seems a big part about being a mom these days is helping your kids unlearn the crazy ideas they’re exposed to in the world,” the mother states while holding a drawing of Peppa Pig dressed in Soviet communist clothing.

The commercial implies that children are being exposed to socialism by the cartoon about a family of pigs and shows a young boy reading Karl Marx’s selected writings.

“Now my kids are being told by the media and even the school system that socialism is great,” the mother continued to say.

Watch the video below.

indy100 reached out to The Tuttle Twins to clarify how children are being taught that socialism is great and how the cartoon relates to this claim.

It’s not clear whether or not the company had permission to use the cartoon’s imagery for their advertisement.

indy100 also contacted Peppa Pig’s producer for comment.

Peppa Pig hasn’t been associated with any political affiliation since it’s been on television screens, but in 2019, it faced a sexism row regarding gender roles.

The London Fire Brigade spoke out on an episode when Peppa scorned Mummy Pig for dressing up as a “fireman” and not a “firefighter.”

Check out their tweet below.

The cartoon also made waves this week after it was reported that Peppa Pig is causing American children to develop British accents.

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