A personal trainer posted a set of photographs to show her followers on Instagram what a difference angles could make to a shot.

Twenty-seven-year-old Sophie Allen posted three photos on her page. All of them were taken at 8:00am, and she poses differently in each:

The caption reads:

It’s so easy to get caught up scrolling through Instagram, comparing yourself and thinking you’ll never achieve your body composition goals. Comparison is the thief of joy, particularly when you might be comparing yourself to something that’s being enhanced by posing, angling and lighting.

Here’s me, at the same time in the morning, standing 3 different ways. You can see the first pic makes my booty look smaller, the middle just normal and the end a lot bigger #goldilocks #onebootythreeway

I used to hate my bum & its size, and now I’ve embraced it & I actively work to grow it. I work with what I’ve got, I pose in ways that accentuate parts of my body I love, but I encourage you to understand that it isn’t like this from every angle, all the time #keepingitreal

This isn’t the first time Allen used her platform to make a point about body image.

In fact, she has made it a habit to break myths relating to body image and social media.

H/T Mail Online

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