Cat's stunned reaction to owner using cat face filter is online hit

A TikTok user was horrified to learn a pet sitter had sex in her cousin's apartment – and it was all caught on camera.

TikTok user Kaley (@thekaley) turned to the platform with an incredibly graphic explanation. To make matters worse, the pet sitter was her cousin's (now-former) best friend, who was supposed to check in and make sure the cat had food and was being taken care of.

She explained that her cousin's apartment had security cameras to keep an eye on the cat and ensure her belongings were safe. Kaley received a call from her in the early hours of the morning after discovering the cameras had been turned around and she could hear someone having sex in the background.

Kaley went to retrieve her cousin's apartment keys from the pet sitter. Upon arriving at the place, she noticed that the cat had no food or water.

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She also described the apartment as having menstrual bloodstains on the couch and on a towel in the bathroom. There was also allegedly pubic hair in the bed.

Kaley described the apartment as "disgusting," adding: "it was a mess."

When the ex-best friend was confronted, she vehemently denied everything despite the audio of the incident. She even called the apartment owner a "psycho" for having cameras.

Kaley concluded: “Like, miss girl, your job wasn’t to go have sex in my cousin’s bed and leave dishes in the sink and period blood everywhere,”

"Your job was to feed the cat, and you didn’t even do that one job.”


Another day, another NYC drama. #nyc #apartment #catlover #doglover #securitycamera #caughtoncamera @cprecht

The story stunned fellow TikTok users, who flocked to the clip in disgust. Some asked whether she could file a police report to which Kaley claimed she could.

"That’s so gross," one commented, adding: "Omg, some people are the worst."

Another said: "The fact that she still lies with proof is insane!!"

While a third person claiming to be a professional pet sitter called the situation "horrific."

"It gives us a bad name & makes our job harder to build trust with people," they added.

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