PewDiePie brands Liver King's steroid apology 'performative and lame'

PewDiePie brands Liver King's steroid apology 'performative and lame'
The Shocking True Story Of The Liver King

The Liver King scandal continues to provoke discussion, and now one of the biggest content creators on the internet, PewDiePie, has waded into the drama.

In case you missed it, the lifestyle and fitness influencer came clean last week and admitted to using steroids, having previously denied it and put his physique down to eating raw organs.

Fitness influencer Derek from the YouTube channel More Plates More Dates shared an expose containing ‘leaked emails’ last week, leading Liver King – real name Brian Johnson – to admit to using steroids in a recent video.

He also claimed that the Liver King persona was “an experiment to spread the message [and] to bring awareness to the 4,000 people a day who kill themselves, the 80,000 people a day that try to kill themselves”.

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He added: “Our people are hurting at record rates with depression, autoimmune [issues], anxiety, infertility, low ambition in life. Our young men are hurting the most, feeling lost, weak and submissive.”

Rating Liver Kings

PewDiePie, though, is having none of it.

The YouTuber has previously called out ‘fake naturals’ in the fitness industry and he shared a new clip with his 111 million subscribers criticising Liver King in no uncertain terms.

“He’s selling supplements, that’s really the reason… You are the problem, you are not the solution,” he said in a new clip.

“This is just performative and lame,” he went on to say, adding that he might have understood the message if Liver King had come clean about steroid use of his own volition.

PewDiePie also took issue with Liver King’s claim that steroids use was down to “low self-esteem”.

“I also sometimes have low self-esteem, that is not an excuse to take steroids,” he said.

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