Piers Morgan responds to bizarre AI image of him in the bath

Piers Morgan responds to bizarre AI image of him in the bath
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Well, we’re not sure how we ended up here, but Piers Morgan has responded to a strange AI image of himself in the bath which has been circulating online.

The presenter commented on the odd picture which shows a generated version of Morgan sitting in the tub, holding a book with a rubber duck by his side.

Only, this version of Morgan looks like he spends all his free time in the gym and he’s holding a book with dimensions that defy the laws of physics.

Morgan responded to the bizarre image by writing: “I never have baths. fyi.”

Unsurprisingly, the picture sparked a lot of reaction on social media, with one Twitter user responding to the pic: “I still can't unsee it - the horror!!!!”

Another said: “My brain will never erase this image.”

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Others pointed out the strange nature of the book in the image, with one saying: “The way the book looks in the picture seems to give it away that it is AI generated.”

Another joked: "Give me nuclear annihilation by AI over this any day.”

It has to be one of the most unusual uses of AI we’ve seen so far, and if this is the future of artificial intelligence, count us out…

AI, meanwhile, continues to make headlines – and a group of individuals including Grimes, who described herself as an "AI popstar" recently on social media, signed a statement warning of its risks to humanity.

The singer signed the message from Center For AI Safety (CAIS) delving into the potential dangers of AI.

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