Stop the presses, because radical vegans have snatched away Piers Morgan's rights as "somebody who loves eggs".

In what has to be the broadcaster's most ridiculous rant about "cancel culture" yet, Morgan lambasted Google for removing the egg from the salad emoji in response to "woke" pressure.

In an interview with James O'Brien on LBC, Morgan said:

Google reacted to radical vegans screaming away by removing the egg from their salad emoji. What about my rights as somebody who loves eggs to have te egg in the emoji? 

Why does a radical vegan get to have it removed when I, like most people in this country, love eggs? 

When asked whether he'd actually ever had his access to eggs restricted, Morgan went on to say:

Only when I click on Google. ... My issue with it all, collectively, is that this kind of nonsense drives an ongoing, all-encompassing censorship where companies in particular are now bowing to pressure from the woke brigade to virtue signal their way to a place that I find hellish. Where people are being dictated to about every single part of their lives.

And most of it is trivial, as you rightly observe, but it's the fact that it happens on trivial stuff that a) distracts from the bigger picture and b) drives people completely nuts and makes them think that they have no ability to have any freedom of speech or expression. I think that is, legitimately, a really serious issue.

(In case anyone is confused, having a tiny pixel egg on your tiny pixel salad emoji is not a human right, nor is it protected by freedom of speech laws.)

It is true, though, that Google did this in 2018.

But this was part of a general emoji redesign – in part to ensure they fit their code descriptions – rather than something "radical vegans" actually campaigned for.

Morgan raised the egg emoji controversy when pressed to name an example of "cancel culture" unrelated to trans rights. But people weren't particularly convinced by his choice...

In fact, it's fair to say that Morgan left the conversation with egg on his face.

Morgan has written an entire book, entitled Wake Up, on why the "liberal war on free speech is even more dangerous than Covid-19".

If this is really the extent of the problem, we might just have to disagree.

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