Creator of viral Pink Sauce responds to safety concerns surrounding mysterious condiment

Creator of viral Pink Sauce responds to safety concerns surrounding mysterious condiment
LIKE IT OR NOT: Pink Sauce

The creator of the viral "Pink Sauce" called Chef Pii has since responded to recent backlash about the product.

From drizzling the sauce on chicken wings, burgers, and tacos, the celebrity chef garnered the internet's attention with her condiment's unusual pink colour.

According to the website, the $20 sauce is said to get its pink colour from dragonfruit, while other ingredients also include: water, raw honey, sunflower seed oil, distilled vinegar, garlic, pink Himalayan sea salt, dried spices, lemon juice, citric acid and milk and the taste has been compared to ranch dressing.

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But Chef Pii has since faced criticism over errors on the product's label, a lack of nutritional information, the sauce's changing hue and perishability.

“My apologies, I’m only human, I’m not perfect," she said in a TikTok video.

"Another thing, we have a team things happen the grams got mixed up with the serving size, there are 444 grams of pink sauce inside of each container - it's about 30 servings per container.


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"It was a mistake, we fixed the issue you guys will not be receiving pink sauce bottles with the bad label, we are replacing all of the labels.

"This is a small business, that is just moving really, really fast," Pii added.

"Yes we are following FDA standards, however, we are currently in lab testing so once we go through lab testing we will be able to pitch to stores to put the pink sauce."

The matter of the condiment's changing colour was explained by Chef Pii when she spoke to Today and claimed it was a result of consumer feedback.

"We did a pre-launch of about 100 units on June 25, and then we opened the site July 1," the Miami-based personal chef explained.

“We changed the color due to the audience’s perspective because they were complaining that the pink was too bright,” Chef Pii explained. “So then we made it a little lighter. Everything that they’re judging, those are all prototypes.”

Meanwhile, Chef Pii also addressed the labelling issues in an interview with Daily Dot,where she said the sauce is in process of “quality testing” and nutritional labels will be provided on the product before being shipped out.

“I guess when you’re great, you can’t make a mistake, but, I mean, yeah. My team is working quickly to fix the issues. We had some delays with getting into our facility and stuff like that. We had shipment issues," she said.

“However, we’re working rapidly to fix all the problems. [We’re working on] reaching back out to our customers who actually purchased the product and communicating with them diligently."

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