This simple bit of maths about the size of pizza has amazed people

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Have you and your friends ever ordered in a pizza, but found yourselves quickly getting into an argument about what size pizza to get?

Some might say that purchasing two smaller pizzas is better than ordering one big pizza, as surely there would be more pizza to share around, right?

Well, if you ever argued for the one big pizza as there would be more food to go around, but found yourself being shut down and told to stop talking nonsense, then show your friends this tweet.

To break it down, an 18-inch pizza has around 254 square inches of food, whereas two 12-inch pizzas have only 226 square inches, thus making the former considerably bigger.

You hardly need a GCSE in maths to realise this but, for some reason, people are very confused about this simple calculation.

Some tried to argue that a stuffed crust would change this theory and that pizzas aren't two dimensional.

Things soon started to get out of hand as people began 'deep dives' into the world of pizza mathematics.

Soon people saw what the original tweet was actually trying to get at.

And here come those conspiracy theories.

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