Man calls crying baby on a flight a 'm***ererf***er' in furious rant

Man calls crying baby on a flight a 'm***ererf***er' in furious rant
Angry passenger shouts about crying baby on his flight in viral video

Outrageous footage of a plane passenger on an expletive-filled rant over a crying baby has stunned social media.

In a viral TikTok clip shared by @mjgrabowski, a man on an Orlando flight can be heard yelling, "I paid for a ticket to have a f***ing comfortable flight."

"That child has been crying for 40 minutes!"

The cabin crew approached the passenger and politely asked him to calm down. Subsequently, his frustration grew.

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"I’m not screaming. Do you want me to scream? I’ll f***ing scream," he responded. "We are in a f***ing tin can with a baby in a goddamn echo chamber, and you wanna talk to me about being f***ing OK?"

At one point, fellow passengers try and get him to calm down.

“Did that m***erf***er pay extra to yell?” the man hit back. "I don’t give a f***. F***, lower that baby’s voice. F*** that!"

Throughout the footage, the man recording can be seen laughing in disbelief as the passenger continues his rant.

The clip ends with the man surrounded by security inside the airport, as the TikToker explains: "He tried to plead his case that he had a right to yell because there were two adults with the crying baby and he shouldn't have been disturbed."

Many felt sorry for the staff having to deal with the outburst, with one comment reading: "Flight attendants don’t make nearly enough money."

Another disgusted viewer wrote: "People this irrational need to be banned for life from every airline."

A third TikTok user penned: "If a person has that big of a problem with a crying baby they should have rented a car and drove, took bus or train."

In a statement, Southwest Airlines said: “We commend our crew for exhibiting outstanding professionalism while handling a challenging situation, and we offer our apologies to the other customers onboard who had to experience such unacceptable behavior.”

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