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Playboy model Daniella Chavez is using her OnlyFans page to rack up funds - all in the hope of purchasing a professional football team.

In a report from Vice, Chavez is eager to buy her beloved Chilean club O'Higgins F.C.

The club is in the model's home city of Rancagua, just south of Santiago, and is within the country's top league.

The outlet also claimed that the team costs a whopping $20m.

Astonishingly, she's managed to garner $8m on OnlyFans in a few weeks, according to her Twitter post.

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For those that have doubts, she posted screenshots of her OnlyFans earnings - and it is a significant amount.

No jokes are being played on her side, and it seems like she has ambitions for O'Higgins F.C. if she does get her hands on the key.

Speaking to the Chilean radio station ADN, she said that with her management team, she believes Rancagua can be a "winning team."

"I want a winning team that fights for everything," she said.

She also considers herself a long-time fan of O'Higgins and wants to help the club reach new levels.

However, the club was forced to provide a statement about Chavez's fundraising campaign after someone from the ownership group insisted that there were no plans "sit down" to talk to her.

Chavez then accused O'Higgins of sexism, claiming they didn't like her because she's a woman and raising the funds in a non-traditional way.

The O'Higgins board responded to the outcry.

"Faced with press articles in digital media that have stated - with reserved sources - that the Abumohor family rules out the sale of the club to a particular person, we want to clarify that this information is erroneous and does not represent the values of the Abumohor family," they wrote.

They also noted that despite the club previously explaining that they would be "open" to bringing on new investors and others to help the institution's "growth," it needs to be formally presented to leadership at the club.

The board continued: "We cannot consider as real, concrete or formal, interests manifested through social networks."

The club also rejected the idea that they would oppose someone for their "origins, race or social status."

Chavez did accept the board's statement and now said she's zeroing in and raising the money necessary to purchase the club.

She said once she gets the money, she will attempt to have a meeting with O'Higgins.

Elsewhere,Vice further reported that Chavez had already invested in a lower third division team within the same city.

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