Pokemon screengrab and Callum Underwood Twitter

Some people buy a greasy kebab when they’re drunk. Others, they buy a Snorlax.

Callum Underwood bought the giant Snorlax online while drinking with colleagues in San Francisco, which is where he had been at the time for work.

Originally from Newcastle, Underwood was sent a link to a cute plush cushion that was going for £200.

He bought the Pokémon, which was approximately as tall as he was.

Underwood told i News:

I definitely remember ordering it. I wasn’t black out drunk, just tipsy enough to have no impulse control.

The next day he realised that he would have to take it back to Newcastle with him, and asked his boss Anna if he could ship it to her place in San Francisco, and then she can ship it across the pond. “Lol ok,” she said.

It was going to cost around £800 to get it back to him, and that was when he asked Twitter for help.

His tweet went viral, and what followed was a month in which the Snorlax travelled from state to state, airport to airport, before making his way to Underwood’s home.

First, he wanted to cut the cushion open and remove the stuffing, and then have it stuffed again in the UK. He axed that idea and decided to try and take it home as luggage.

He packed it super tightly in a box, and called airlines ahead of time to warn them of the impending Snorlax.

Though Snorlax briefly got stuck in Dallas, and the box was opened and checked by a TSA in transit, he eventually got home.

Over a month after Callum drunk bought Snorlax, it finally arrived.

“O m f g HE MADE IT EVERYONE!!! Look at the state of the box,” Callum tweeted. “I will e x p a n d him when I get home!”

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