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Police in New Zealand have issued a bar description for a felonious sheep.

On Monday a sheep was filmed carrying out 'an assault on a police offer'.

In a scene reminiscent of the comedy drama Hot Fuzz, a description of the sheep was put out on the Facebook page of the Waitemata Police department.

He is described as being of medium build, with white hair that has been recently shorn. Please approach with caution and call us immediately if you know where he is.

In the video, a ram can be seen to (well...) ram a Waitemata officer.

The video of New Zealand's most wanted sheep has been viewed over 150 000 times.

Sheep used to be a friend to crime fighters.

In January 2016 a flock of sheep helped assist officers in a high-speed chase, by slowing the pace of an escaping vehicle.

Four arrests were subsequently made thanks to the flock's intervention.

Why they have now turned on their masters is unclear.

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