Here's why some people have a tiny hole above their ears


Just under one in 100 people in the UK have a hole above their ear, similar to the one in the above image.

It's called a preauricular sinus, and its a congential disorder which was first reported in 1864 by a scientist called Van Heusinger - the holes appear during early fetal development and are hereditary.

The only complications they can occasionally cause are the odd infection.

In some parts of Asia and Africa, roughly two out of every five people will have a preauricular sinus.

They occur anywhere around the external ear where the 'face' and the ear cartilage can meet.

Occasionally, if an infection becomes too severe, they require removal with an operation, otherwise - if you have one - there's nothing to worry about.

Here's a hint - don't search for a preauricular sinus on YouTube, you'll mainly be greeted with surgery procedure videos.

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