People thought Prince William had had a hair transplant in badly framed photo

People thought Prince William had had a hair transplant in badly framed photo
Prince William and Princess Kate attend Boston Celtics game during US tour

People on Twitter thought Prince William had a startling new hair transplant for a moment - but it turned out to be a very badly framed photo.

The snap making the rounds on the platform is of the Prince and Princess of Wales on Wednesday (30 November), their first day of a US visit.

In the image, the royal couple could be seen sitting courtside with others at the Boston Celtics game against Miami Heat.

However, someone sitting right behind Prince William wore their hair down, making it look like he had gotten a new hairdo, which is a surprise given his thinning hair.

Despite him not getting a hair transplant, people still couldn't help but poke fun at the thought of the prince getting blonde tresses.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Prince William should grow his hair long from the back and sides until he looks like Brian Eno circa 1972."

"This photo makes it look like Prince William came to America to get a hair transplant, and it went really badly, and nobody is telling him," another added.

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A third joked: "I often feel annoyed my hair is thinning, but then I see Prince William's transformation, and I feel a bit better about myself."

On the other hand, someone else has "respect" for the prince for accepting himself and added: "I respect Prince William. Surely he has the facilities to get hair transplants, but he's owned that he's balding. Gotta give props there."

In the past, Prince William has made jokes about his lack of hair.

In 2019, the royal visited a barbershop in London and poked fun at his hair routine.

"I don't need a haircut anymore. I just take a razor to it!" he teasingly said.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are officially on the third day of their Boston trip, where they will be presenting the royals' Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony today (2 December).

The achievement is given out annually to five people based on their contributions to environmentalism.

Each recipient will also be awarded $1.2m.

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