A real protester tried Kendall Jenner's Pepsi stunt. It didn't end well

Pepsi / Portland City Council

When Kendall Jenner hands a police officer a can of Pepsi in her now infamous commercial, the cop cracks a smile, the crowd cheers and everyone goes home in a spirit of peace and unity.

But when a real protester tried the same stunt at a city council meeting in Portland, Oregon, he didn’t quite manage to have the same effect.

Journalist Carlos Enrique interrupted Wednesday morning’s meeting by rushing up to Mayor Ted Wheeler, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a Pepsi.

He was quickly escorted out by Portland police.

Fortunately the mayor saw the funny side, but issued a stark warning against such antics.

“Not a good move! Don’t do that again," he said.

Not a smart move. Thank you, I do appreciate it, but don’t do that again. If this were the Boston City Council that would have ended differently.

The meeting had been called to discuss the subject of abandoned boats. It is not clear what Enrique was protesting about, but before handing Wheeler the Pepsi, he explained:

What I realised is that the language of resistance has not been properly translated. So this is for you.

The Pepsi advert starring Kendall Jenner has now been pulled, amid of a storm of complaints that it undermined the real protests of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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