Pepsi releases advert with Kendall Jenner and people are furious

Pepsi releases advert with Kendall Jenner and people are furious

Kendall Jenner is in the new global Pepsi advert campaign.

It came out on Tuesday.

The advert shows Kendall leaving a shoot to join a protest (in which no one is angry), sipping a Pepsi and handing it to police officers opposite the protest (who are just standing there, no riot gear, no conflict). The police officer smiles, everyone is happy, Pepsi earns 'perfect society elixir' status.

It's utter, utter tripe.

She only goes along to the protest, fresh off the set, chasing a woke bae, which seems like the least principled start to a cause ever.

She also approaches the officer for no discernable reason other than brand exposure. There's no conflict to resolve. The protesters are just vibeing to the upbeat choons like it's Coachella does Baton Rouge.

The police officer (who doesn't check the can for an IED or signs of anthrax, or assault Kendall for approaching) takes a sip, after a good ten seconds of the two eye f***ing the hell out of each other.

And then, Pepsi has the gall to frame this white saviour pornography as some kind of touching moment worthy of chronicling.

A lot of people are comparing the framing of the advert to this iconic image from the Black Lives Matter protests.

We see what you're trying to do there.

When actually, the logical leap is just farcical.

Two things are certain.

1. Neither Pepsi creative nor Kendall Jenner have ever been in an actual protest or demonstration.

2. Brands attempting to monetise civil action so blatantly can expect a fair bit of bad PR.

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