QAnon thinks there is proof of the JFK Jr theory in Home Alone 2

QAnon thinks there is proof of the JFK Jr theory in Home Alone 2

QAnon members are still waiting for the miraculous return of the late John F. Kennedy Jr – and have been doing so since November 2.

Despite their sore disappointment when he didn’t show up at Grassy Knoll in Dallas to declare himself a 2024 Donald Trump running mate, they kept spirits high with a sing-song of We Are The World.

JFK Jr, the son of President John F. Kennedy, died 22 years ago in a 1999 plane crash. He’s been one of the many QAnon talking points and conspiracy muses, with the group believing that his death was fake and that he is in-fact in hiding.

But now there’s another conspiracy in town.

Apparently, there’s further “proof” JFK Jr will still rise from the dead. And in true Christmas spirit, we have Home Alone 2 to thank.

The Dallas Observer headed to the AT&T Discovery Plaza, where hundreds of conspiracy theorists had gathered. They really didn’t have to do much, just listen in – and well, QAnoners did all the work for them.

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Referencing Trump’s brief cameo in Home Alone 2, one attendee was overheard saying:

“It all makes sense. Where was JFK Jr. shot? Dealey PLAZA.

“Where will he reappear? Discovery PLAZA.

“Where did Kevin McAlister stay in Home Alone 2? The PLAZA Hotel.

“And who did he see when he first went there? DONALD TRUMP.

“There’s your proof.”

Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2Don’t worry. We’re just as lost as you are.YouTube/20th Century Fox

The news outlet shared some more interesting one-liners among the unintentional comedy gold.

One conspired: “Get it? DISCOVERY Plaza? Go to the Plaza and you’ll DISCOVER the truth. It’s like that time I harassed that pollster and she tipped me off that I’d find the truth about the last election in HELL, Michigan.”

QAnon followers travelled to JFK’s assassination site at Dealey Plaza in November hoping that there would be a reappearance of the former president and his late son John F Kennedy Jr. It has been a year since ‘Q’ last posted, so the fact that hundreds garnered at the site shows that the group is still thriving.

Someone sign these guys up for a Netflix special.

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