People are speculating what the Queen keeps in her handbag and the guesses are wild

People are speculating what the Queen keeps in her handbag and the guesses are wild

Despite being an incredibly high-profile individual, often out greeting members of the public, there are certainly some elements of the Queen’s lavish lifestyle which are shrouded in mystery - such as the contents of her handbag.

The hashtag #WhatsInTheQueensHandbag began trending on Twitter on Sunday, as users decided to hazard a guess as to what items Her Majesty keeps handy.

While Liz has been seen retrieving a lipstick and glasses from her bag before, the exact items that lie inside the bag remain unknown.

In 2016, author Phil Dampier, who wrote What’s in the Queen’s handbag: And other royal secretsclaimed the accessory sometimes contains “a crossword cut from a newspaper by a servant in case she has time to kill; a penknife; a diary and a small camera”.

Meanwhile Sally Bedell Smith, a royal biographer, has claimed that it contains a hook to hang it under tables, as well as everyday objects such as a mirror.

All of these are, of course, reasonable claims, but Twitter is Twitter, and people have decided to offer some rather bizarre and hilarious predictions as to what is actually stored in there by the Queen:

It’s not just the contents of the bag which have been met with speculation, either.

There have also been reports that the bag itself is used to signal particular messages to the Queen’s staff, with The Telegraph reporting last month that a bag on the table means she wants things to finish in five minutes, while a bag on the floor means she wants her lady-in-waiting to come to the rescue.

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