Woman bought house and inherited cute raccoon that visits every night for dinner

Woman bought house and inherited cute raccoon that visits every night for dinner
Photo courtesy of @brittany.rose.xo/Tik Tok

A new home filled with new experiences is exciting. But what happens when that new experience includes a friendly raccoon coming by every night for dinner?

For one TikTok user, this was the case.

Brittanyrose, who goes by @brittany.rose.xo, posted a video of her interactions with a raccoon outside of her house.

Within the video, you’ll see a raccoon on a cement ground outside in the night. The raccoon comes up to Brittanyrose and takes what appears to be a chip from her, and hurries off. The caption written across the screen reads “First night i met her. I bought a house and the old owner said a coon knocks at the door every night for dinner.”

Photo courtesy of @brittany.rose.xo/TikTok

In the next scene, Brittanyrose filmed the raccoon standing up, watching her from her door in the daytime. She also states that she didn’t believe the owner at first but continued to put food out every night.

Raccoon standing at doorPhoto courtesy @brittany.rose.xo/ Tik Tok

Afterward, you see the raccoon walking on the cement ground again as the written text across the screen reads, “It’s been a little over a week” and “I’ve gained her trust and go out everyday to hand feed her.”

She also states that the raccoon has one ear and that she “can’t wait ‘til she [ raccoon] lets me hold her.”

“can’t wait ‘til she lets me hold her.”Photo courtesy of @brittany.rose.xo/TikTok

We’re not sure how safe that will be.

Some people found this to be cute, even giving her food suggestions such as cat food, lunch meat, and fruit loop cereal, although it’s not the best idea to feed wildlife.

Others were perplexed by the raccoon because they don’t have the best reputation for trash and food.

“Do not try to hold the raccoon, ma’am,” wrote a commenter.

“No raccoons have lots of germs on them they get food in the trash so gloves,” wrote another commenter.

On the other hand, others commented on her video caption over the word ‘coon’, suggesting the racial connotations that the word has, while some didn’t realize it.

“I live in the Pacific Northwest and everyone in my life calls them that oh, how did I not know it was bad before reading the comment section [skull emoji,” someone wrote.

Brittanyrose responded to one of those comments, saying, “Girl” same. I grew up over there, but I moved to Louisiana a year ago.& Everyone I know call them that too [ girl shrugging shoulders emoji].”

Because of Brittany’s compassion to feed the raccoon, it invited other animals to visit the house such as an opossum over for food, and a new raccoon who seemed “unsure” of her kindness leaving food out.

Other animals such as an opossum come over for foodPhoto courtesy of @brittany.rose.xo/TikTok

In a second video, she shows a bowl of what appears to be cut-up apples in one bowl and rice in the other as an opossum coming up to eat it. Then in the distance, you see another raccoon standing up on its hind legs trying to see what’s going.

Raccoon standing up on its hind legs trying to see what’s goingPhoto courte of @brittany.rose.xo/Tik Tok

Shortly after, the raccoon started to walk over probably to get a quick meal.

It’s safe to say Brittanyrose may be the nocturnal animal whisperer.

Check out the full video here.

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