Rare orange lobsters rescued from fish counter find new home

A unique 'one-in-30-million' lobster was saved from being someone's dinner at a Red Lobster restaurant in Mississippi.

On Monday, Ripleys Aquarium took to its Instagram to share details of the orange lobster called "Biscuit."

Interestingly enough, this also happened to be the second time in weeks that an orange lobster was almost eaten, as a lobster named "Cheddar" was recently found in a Florida Red Lobster.

"We are hearing from our fishermen in the area where both Cheddar and Biscuit were caught that they are seeing a lot of orange lobsters this time of year," said Senior Director of Communications at Red Lobster Nicole Bott.

Jared Durrett, the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies Director of Husbandry, is attempting to explore the animal anomaly.

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In a statement, Durrett said, "Orange lobsters are uncommon, but perhaps not as rare as we first thought. Lobsters obtain their colour through the pigments they ingest in their diet."

He also said that if these lobsters are harvested from the same area, then their "localised diet" could possibly have a pigment that, combined with "the lobster's genetics, creates the orange coloration we are seeing."

He added: "Our partnership with Red Lobster will allow us to capture data from fishermen, which typically is not easy to come by due to confidentiality."

The orange lobster isn't the only lobster to get saved from a Red Lobster dinner plate.

In May 2021, a calico-coloured lobster was discovered by employees at a Virginia location of the restaurant.

Red Lobster then contacted a zoo that had rescued a different rare lobster from another restaurant.

"Calico-coloured lobsters like Freckles are so rare, it was almost unbelievable that we received one," the company said in a statement received by The Washington Post.

"We are so proud of our employees for recognising that Freckles was so special - and for reaching out so we could make arrangements for rescue."

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