People are discovering what time American kids start schools and minds are blown

People are discovering what time American kids start schools and minds are blown
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For people around the world, the starting time for American schools might come as a bit of a shock.

A new Twitter thread has sparked a conversation on what time is appropriate for schools to commence, taking into consideration both the needs of the child and parents.

"TIL high schools kids in the US are expected to get to class before 8am which...... sounds like a sick joke at the expense of literally everyone involved," wrote Insider Deputy Editor, Mia de Graaf.

Many people responded passionately to the tweet, sharing their own personal experiences.

"First period was 7:33 for me 🙃" commented Input Mag Deputy Editor Cheyenne MacDonald to which Graff responded, "America was like 'you know what……… these kids aren’t stressed *enough*'"

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Having a starting time of 8am is unusually early taking into consideration the hour in which other countries around the world begin their classes.

For students, this can be the source of multiple challenges. For example, for those under the age of 17, many students either take the bus to school or have their parents drop them off.

"School times make no sense compared to the natural sleep/energy cycles of the children involved. Youngest kids are awake at dawn but they start late. Oldest kids need the most sleep and start the earliest. We should shape start times around children's needs, not adults," read another comment.

Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chimed in with her thoughts below the tweet.

She wrote, "We had trigonometry and pre-calc start at 7:20 in the morning! Students would have to arrive at school before sunrise! And every adult in the building acted like this all was completely reasonable! Still mad about it."

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