Man gets caught twice trying to surprise his girlfriend by driving to her house naked
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A man was left red-faced after he was caught twice trying to surprise his girlfriend by picking her up in his car naked.

Writing on Reddit, the anonymous man said he drove to his girlfriend’s house, only to realise she was with two housemates as well, causing him to panic and drive home... and then being caught by his mother.

He said: “I was thinking it would be kind of kinky to show up naked behind the wheel and saying something silly like ‘excuse me, ma’am... did you call an Uber X’?

“I imagined her laughing at the absurdity but also being somewhat turned on by the nudity.

“I wasn’t too worried about other people catching me because my plan was not to interact with anyone else and to stay in the car until I was back inside my garage.

“I realized I f***ed up the moment I pulled into the parking bay and noticed my girlfriend standing in the rain with an umbrella and her two roommates huddled underneath.”

He added that when he saw the housemates he drove away to get changed and rang his girlfriend to tell her why he had left. He asked her to lie to her housemates but, unfortunately for him, she said he was on speakerphone.

Then, he arrived home and spotted his mother approaching his car. He continued:

“I was tempted to drive away again, but I didn’t have the balls to abandon both women in my life on the same night in the same way. I rolled down my window and said, ‘mother, stop’.

“She did not stop. Not until she realized I was wearing nothing but my seat belt. I asked her to please move her vehicle and not ask questions. She caught me naked. Of course she asked questions. Lots of questions.”

How embarrassing.

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