Baby girl's 'death stare' is nothing (& EVERYTHING) to laugh about

A woman has been told a name she likes for a potential baby is "ugly and harsh".

Posting on Reddit, the woman explained she told a friend she likes the name "Renata" but was told the name is "old fashioned and out of date".

"She also said it’s an ugly and harsh sounding name," she added. "I never felt the name was an ugly name. I always thought it sounded pretty and feminine. Curious of what other people thought of Renata."

Responding to the post, people said the name was nice.

"I actually know a woman who is probably 19 or 20 years old with this name!" one said. "I really like it."

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Another said: "I love Renata! It's one of my favourite names."

But others were not as enamoured with it. One said: "I can see how it might appeal to some people, but it's not pleasant to my ears. I can't even explain why, I just don't like the combination of sounds.

"I do like the meaning, though, and I don't think it sounds old-fashioned. It's one of those names that could be from any era.

"I've only met one person with the name and she was lovely - humble and sweet."

And another commented: "To me it sounds like a car model… like a Kia Renata. Sorry!"

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