Wife upset after husband upgrades his ticket leaving her in economy

Wife upset after husband upgrades his ticket leaving her in economy
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We all love an upgrade on a flight, but would you leave your partner behind to go enjoy cosy seats in first-class?

A Reddit thread of a man asking if he was in the right by doing this exact thing to his wife is going viral.

Redditor @djuejejnu asked if he was an a**hole for upgrading to a business class ticket while his while remained in economy.

He, 25, and his wife, 24, planned a month-long trip to Japan from the US and when booking the tickets, he had the option to upgrade the ticket, which he did.

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His wife was not pleased. He said: “My wife is not too happy about that because she wanted to sit together on the 12-hour flight, but it’s overnight so we’re gonna be sleeping the whole flight so I didn’t think it mattered.

“I told her that and she got upset because she thinks I chose business class over her and that’s rude apparently,” he said. He even said his wife was just jealous – he was joking, apparently.

His wife was so upset that she went to the lengths of asking him to tell the airline he wanted to switch his seats back to economy, which he refused to do.

He said: “I said hell no because I’m not going to miss my opportunity to sit in business class (which looks amazing btw, look up “ANA the room”).

“In my eyes, it’s just a 12-hour flight and it doesn’t matter if I sit next to my wife or not. If it’s really bad though, I still have a week before my flight to maybe get it changed. AITA?”

The comments on the Reddit thread were overwhelmingly on the side of the wife.

One said: “You literally ditched your wife and then mocked her. You are absolutely the a**hole here and she is completely right to be upset.”

Another commented: “YTA. Business class comes with more space, better service, and a quieter atmosphere. You're sending a message to your wife that you deserve all that but she doesn't. Why didn't you upgrade both seats so you could both have the better experience?”

Another said: “I hope their hotel room in Japan has a sofa because guess where OP’s (original poster) sleeping for the next month?”

The OP ended up agreeing with the comments. He said: “I’m buying her the upgrade to sit next to me in business I offered to switch seats but she really wanted to sit next to me I guess”

A happy ending for all, I think?

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