Woman forces husband to ditch his cat for her dog and Reddit has some stern words

Woman forces husband to ditch his cat for her dog and Reddit has some stern words

A woman has angered the internet by explaining how she forced her husband to get rid of his cat to accommodate her dog.

Posting on Reddit, the woman explained that, when she and her partner moved in together, their respective animals didn’t exactly click and the cat started fights. It led her to ask him to get rid of the animal.

She wrote: “Me and my husband have been living together for 1 year. When we moved in together, I brought my 3 year old American Bully, while he brought his 18 year old cat.

“We tried to introduce them to one another by initially separating them, then by introducing them to each other’s smells, followed by letting them see each other whilst at a safe distance. They appeared to get along, but after a day, the cat began making its dislike for the dog VERY clear.”

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She said they then kept the cat and dog separate and broke up fights but it didn’t work. They then took the cat to the vet to see if it had any issues but the vet said the cat was “perfectly healthy.”

The woman began to worry after she became pregnant. “While I’m not saying that the cat would definitely be nasty towards my baby, the way it has acted towards my dog has caused me to worry,” she wrote.

So, after their family members said they wouldn’t take it in, they decided to take the cat to a “cat sanctuary, where it would hopefully be able to find a new home, in a relaxing environment and without fear of being euthanised.”

She said her and her husband “argued virtually nonstop about this for days, until my husband finally agreed to take his cat to said cat sanctuary. However, he is still pretty upset with me.

“I feel really bad for my husband, however, I do feel like it was the right decision, not only for the dog, but our future baby.”

Reacting to her story, people said she had made the wrong call.

“Think about how stressful that would be for the poor thing,” one person wrote. “Please go back and save his cat. I’d honestly never forgive you if I was in his shoes.”

Another agreed and said: “God, that poor cat is probably going to get so sick from the stress. I wish I could find him.”

And a third said: “You made him get rid of his 18 year old cat? That’s a monstrous thing to do.”

What a sticky situation.

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