New hire had job offer pulled after asking how soon they'd be paid

New hire had job offer pulled after asking how soon they'd be paid
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A new hire says their job offer was pulled on the day they were meant to sign paperwork - all because they asked how soon they'd be paid.

Screenshots of the text messages between the poster and employer reveal the dramatic response the employer had to the very reasonable questions.

At first, the Redditor asked how often they would be paid, to which the employer answered. But then the poster asked, "when will be my first payday."

Rather than answer the question, the employer rescinded the job offer, saying, "I changed my mind I would hire someone whose desire is to work with the company. Pls don't worry come in at 3," the employer texted back.

The person tried to reason with the employer and express their desire to work at the company, and explained they needed to know the payment schedule to budget for their future expenses.

But the employer remained firm on the decision, saying the person only cared about pay because they did not ask about uniforms or other staff.

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The Redditor's post received a lot of attention from other users who offered support to the poster.

from antiwork
from antiwork

The original poster said the job was for tutoring children and they were looking forward to helping kids learn. The person even told the employer their "priority is helping children learn" in the text message exchange.

However, the employer said the person only cared about pay and needed a candidate who could "work with the flow."

from antiwork

Other commenters told the poster to publicly blast the company on Glassdoor or other professional sites to warn future employees about the strange behavior.

The person did not reveal what company the potential job was with.

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