5 signs it is time to end your relationship

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Love is hard to find, yes, but that does not mean you should put up with anything that does not cut it.

All of these deal breakers, are essentially symptoms that you have both stopped trying.

1. Getting yours

If the sex is poor, and the attitude to improving it is also poor, but it remains something you want in your relationship, get out of there.

Sex is not what a relationship is all about, but if it was once a sexual relationship and that's waned, it is symptomatic of something more serious.

It can be a sign that you and your partner are unwilling to work at the relationship, and if that's the case, then you both deserve more.

2. Routine

Habits are nice, and there is nothing wrong with getting a take-away and curling up on the settee in front of Netflix

But, when that becomes your every day, every evening, every everything - it's time to end it.

Equally, planning to be spontaneous with yet another gondola ride would eventually get tiring too.

3. Short term plans

A tell-tale sign that neither of you are invested in this relationship anymore is when all of your plans are short term.

It's not to be expected that you have a five year plan laid out, but if you are avoiding talking about things beyond even a few weeks, bail on that.

Beyond having 'the talk' about where 'this' is 'going', if you are avoiding RSVPing to couple events, because you might not be together, you don't see yourself with them in your head - so you may as well bite down and end it for real.

4. Desire for space

According to dating website eharmony, if you want more and more time by yourself, it might be time to end things.

Individual space, and individuality are important in a relationship, but feeling irritated by your partner's presence is not a good sign.

5. Someone else

When someone else becomes the object of your desires, it is time to move on.

You might not even have an affair, emotional or physical, but you could just be keeping them warm, on the back burner for the moment you are a single.

If this is the case, you are already willing the relationship to end.

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