Viral clip shows ITV reporter threatening to ‘bang out’ man who disrupted his live broadcast

<p>ITV Central reporter, Callum Watkinson in the video clip</p>

ITV Central reporter, Callum Watkinson in the video clip


ITV has apologised after one of their reporters threatened to “bang out” a member of the public who apparently disrupted his live broadcast.

Callum Watkinson, a reporter at ITV Central, verbally tore into the man after he purposely walked in the back of his shot while the camera was rolling.

Filming was taking place next to Centenary Square in Birmingham City Centre.

The clip has since been shared to the “@imjustbrumTwitter page, where Watkinson can be seen finishing his report.

Afterwards, he walks up to the man and can be heard asking: “I’m just trying to do a job. Have you got a job?”

The man replies: “Yeah I do.”

Then Watkinson furiously shouts: “Well don’t f***ing do it, and I won’t come into your workplace and start f***ing with you.”

“Stop being rude,” the man responds.

Watkinson approaches the man again and says: “If you get behind me again I will f***ing bang you out, do you understand me?”

The footage then cuts to the reporter asking the man: “Why don’t you get a job and then I’ll come behind you and start being an idiot.”

“Where do you work? Footlocker or McDonald’s?” Watkinson added.

He continued: “How about ‘sorry for trying to mess up my work’? How about that? Do you know how hard it is to broadcast live to half a million people?”

Watkinson then gesticulates the man’s interruption by waving his hands and jumping about.

A spokesperson from ITV told The Guardian: “ITV has spoken to the reporter and the matter is being dealt with internally. We apologise for any offence the comments have caused and will not be commenting further at this time.”

Meanwhile people shared their thoughts on Twitter, and it appears people were divided.

Some were appalled with Watkinson’s behaviour.

While, others were more sympathetic to the fact that Watkinson was trying to do his job.

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