An algorithm has revealed the staggering gender bias in sports journalism

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It is hard to believe that someone would ask Serena Williams, one of the most dominant players of all time, to forget about tennis and chat about shopping.

But Cornell University research has found that questions like these are put to female tennis players regularly.

Their algorithm found that female tennis players are more likely to be barraged with irrelevant questions than their male colleagues.

Even when men do get queries unrelated to sport, they are both closer to the point and not stereotypically 'male' - for example, whether they have any doubts or see themselves as an inspiration.

This confirms what most of us have already seen happening time and time again.

Two years ago, Serena Williams was asked why she wasn't smiling in question eerily similar to 'cheer up, love' cat-calling.

She was also asked to twirl at the 2015 Australian Open:

And it's not tricky to guess the gender of the player who was asked this question after the 2012 Australian Open:

After practice, can you put tennis a little bit behind you and have dinner, shopping, have a little bit of fun?

It's hard to imagine men getting asked questions like that, but this parody video should help you out:

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