Restaurant receives abuse from angry customer after being forced to close due to Covid

Restaurant receives abuse from angry customer after being forced to close due to Covid

A restaurant in Tasmania received abuse from a customer after being forced to close due to Covid.

The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery announced on Facebook that due to staff shortages it would have to temporarily close last Friday, promising to reassess the situation this Thursday.

They wrote: “We were hoping that the new year would begin a little brighter than this, but it was not meant to be.

“We have watched closely as rising COVID19 cases have resulted in staff shortages all across Australia, not only in the hospitality industry.

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“Every couple of hours another restaurant temporarily closes - it has been heart breaking to read and we have been preparing ourselves for this moment…. but it has come much sooner than we expected.”

The post concluded by saying they will reach out to those with reservations to cancel.

Although the comments under their post were supportive, not everyone was so understanding.

According to The Mercury, one diner sent several messages branding the restaurant’s decision a “disgrace”.

They wrote: “Why would I ever visit Tasmania again… You’re a rude person in the extreme”.

“I cannot believe your lack of endeavour and reliance on Covid as a crutch… Australia needs to get back to work… how would you have coped in world war… not I suspect.

“I will never darken your door again and will so inform all my friends and acquaintances of which there are many.

“That’s incredibly unsatisfactory… I can’t believe you give us next to no notice when we are travelling to Tasmania for a birthday treat for my partner to go to your restaurant… what are we now meant to do… so much for professionalism in Australian hospitality.. This is a disgrace!!!!”.

MailOnline reports that the screenshots were posted to Instagram by head chef Stephen Peak who included a message of his own alongside the screenshots.

He wrote: “No one wants to close. No one wants to risk financial security. No one wants to be without work. Please be kind! Please treat everyone with respect.”

Restaurant owner Rodney Dunn told The Mercury that although he understood that the customer was disappointed, their reaction was “like a kid spitting his dummy”.

After sharing the news article to their Facebook page, the restaurant was flooded with support.

One commenter wrote: “Thanks to the entitled spoilt persons [whinging] about your restaurant, I now know about you and when I visit Tasmania can’t wait to eat at your restaurant and tell all my friends!!!! Thanks also to Mr Hard done by, great free publicity.”

Another said: “So sad to think that this person was selfishly thinking of themselves rather than the poor people who are impacted in their job by this bloody virus. I’m positive when things settle you will have so many people wanting the Agrarian experience.”

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