Ritz reveals what the edges on its crackers are ‘actually’ for

<p>Have you ever thought about why Ritz crackers are designed the way they are?</p>

Have you ever thought about why Ritz crackers are designed the way they are?


Simple yet absurdly delicious, Ritz crackers are one of the most moreish snacks around.

In case you haven’t tried them, the bite-sized savoury biscuits are round in shape with serrated edges, and comfortingly crumbly in your mouth.

Most of us probably haven’t considered why they’re made the way they are, we’re too busy stuffing our faces with them.

But, thanks to a video posted on Ritz’s official TikTok page (yes, they have one), we now know the truth behind their design: specifically why they have those scalloped edges.

Most people assume the shape was chosen just because it looks good and differentiates the cracker from other popular snacks, but this is not the case, the manufacturer revealed.

Ritz’s clip begins with someone holding up one of the iconic biscuits, as a voiceover says: "What people think the edges on Ritz Crackers are for… ‘Wow... So pretty... Aesthetic... Beautiful scallops’.”

The video shows off the cracker in all its gloryiStock/theritzcrackersofficial/TikTok

"What they’re actually for," the voice continues, as the cracker is turned onto its side and rolled along a slice of cheese.

That’s right, it doubles as a makeshift knife.

The real purpose of the edges is to slice through cheese so you can make a mini sandwichiStock/theritzcrackersofficial/TikTok

The video has racked up more than 1.1 million views and 177,000 likes in just two days, as TikTokers voiced their amazement at the revelation.

“MY LIFE IS A LIE,” one passionate commentator wrote.

“Speechless,” said another.

And a third joked: “Ritz, I’m no advertisement specialist, but this post hurt my feelings, and I’m sure it had the same impact on others. It might be good to delete this.”

Ritz replied dryly: “It’s going to be okay.”

Is anyone else hungry?

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