There are some creative endeavours which are just so hilariously excellent that nothing can ever beat them.

That is certainly the case for the 2015 Robert Dyas Christmas ad, the greatness of which we feel means it deserves to go viral at least twice a decade.

Luckily, Derry Girls star Nicola Coughlan came through for us by re-upping this unparalleled content.

The bizarre advert shows Robert Dyas customers showing off the great Christmas-related items they can buy in the hardware shop, while inexplicably stating their sexual orientation.

In perhaps the most iconic moment, we are informed that both Christmas trees and drills, for example, can be used and enjoyed by straight people AND gay people. Mind blown.

Remarkably, there are still people who had yet to come across the video.

But everyone enjoyed its reappearance on our timelines.

Because the whole thing is so absurd, there are people who refuse to believe it can possibly be real, and argue that it is in fact a parody of an advert for Red House Furniture, "where black people and white people buy furniture – and Hispanic people too".

Either way, we don't know how anyone will ever top this one.

HT: The Poke

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