Liberal parent destroys conservative teen's argument with one sentence

Liberal parent destroys conservative teen's argument with one sentence
Pelosi says Republicans have 'ripped away' women's rights after Roe v Wade ...

The YouTube channel ‘Jubilee’ produces a show called ‘Middle Ground’, where people with different views talk through their differences and (you guessed it) find a middle ground of some sort. It does what it says on the tin basically.

Their latest video called ‘Conservative Teens vs Liberal Parents’ shows liberal parents destroying the arguments of the conservative teens, from gender-neutral bathrooms to abortions, and people are loving it.

Conservative Teens vs Liberal Parents | Middle

One particular mum was brilliant in her arguments and has left a big impression on viewers.

“[Everyone] should have an adult like Cindy in their life growing up. She is a great influence”, reads one comment on the YouTube video.

Here's why: Firstly she shot truths when discussing abortions. When prompted with the statement “The government has no right to tell people what to do with their body”, Eden (a conservative teen) said that foetuses can survive outside of the womb at 21 weeks and Cindy came at her with one simple fact.

“Over 90 per cent of abortions happen within the first 10 weeks”, Cindy told Eden, who responded: “That’s still unacceptable”.

Then she shone when Nathan (another conservative teen) seemed unable to even grasp the concept of financially supporting a woman that he gets pregnant.

“We do have child support and it comes from taxpayer money.”

Nathan spokes up again when Cindy pointed out his privilege of being a cisgender male.

“Why would you say my life is privilege?" he said. "You know most people commit suicide are men. Most people who work in dangerous workplaces are men. Most people who fight in war are men.”

“And who set that system up?” responded our lord and saviour.

Boom! Cindy blews him out the water with one question.

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And she didn't stop there.

Ben (a parent) expressed support for the female right to choose whether or not to have an abortion, but asked the group “at what point is a foetus a human or a person?”

“Let’s say that a child is 8 months in the womb, and that point the baby has a heart, the baby has a brain, has legs, arms," he said. "Do you think it’s ok for that to be terminated?”

“Nobody is doing that”, said Cindy.

“Nobody is having abortions with viable foetuses unless it is a medical emergency that will kill the baby and the mother.”

On 24th June the landmark Roe v Wade legislation was officially overturned by the US supreme court handing abortion rights back to individual states and potentially putting millions of women at risk.

Nathan just kept picking fights with Cindy though.

"Do you think [gender neutral bathrooms] could increase the chances of rape or assault?", he asked Cindy, and she didn't disappoint.

"They already exist. It's interesting that men are only concerned about this 'rape in the bathroom' when we're having a conversation about trans folk."

"But a gender neutral bathroom does stem from this idea though."

"No. This idea that rape is gonna suddenly go on the rise because of gender neutral bathrooms, stems from transphobia."

The post has nearly 10 thousand comments, and the majority voice support for the liberal parents.

"These kids are wiiiiild, the parents shutting them down is just so fun to watch," one said.

Another wrote: "I really feel for Cindy in this video because imagine opening up about having a trans child and have these teens try and invalidate their existence and experience. I'd be enraged, more power to her for calmly standing her ground and challenging bigotry with plain facts."

A third said: "'It’s interesting that men are only concerned about this rape in the bathroom when we are having a conversation of trans folk' she completely gagged them, ate them actually."

A lot of these discussions are particularly important and raw in this day and age, due to recent changes in U.S. laws such as the Supreme Court's moves towards overturning Roe v. Wade, Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill, and the recent mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas.

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