Someone set up a 'Rate My Professor' page for Ross Geller - and the reviews are hilarious

In a parallel universe, Ross Geller from Friends would really be a professor of palaeontology at New York University and we could all take his class.

But lets us indulge in that exact fantasy – because Geller has his very own profile page where students can rate him.

For overall quality, Geller gets a score of 3.8 out of five, and 80 per cent of students say they would take his course again. Unfortunately, he’s only been given one chilli pepper for hotness, which means he’s only received one more "hot" rating than "not hot". But the amazing comments from students make up for that:

(Disclaimer: you will probably need to be an obsessive Friends fan to get all the following references.)

He has this method of solving derivatives that only he uses. He calls it Unagi, but I don't think it works

– student from ANTH101

Often speaks in phoney accents. Fake British seems to be the favourite

- PALE0001


– student from COS126

Ross rocks

- student from ANTHRO400

Fun class. But he never finished my 18 page essay. Front and back. Apparently he feel aschleep

- student from PALEO101

Prof. Geller is the hottie of the paleontology department

- student from COS126

Great teacher. Because of him I learned the difference between "your" and "you're"

- student from PALEO101

Dr Gellar is the best professor ever! He is so easily distracted when asked about his personal life and this always works in your best interest. We got him to bring in his bagpipes and play Celebration, teach us Karatay and Unagi, and he even made us FAJITAS! He loves when you call him Tyranasaurus Ross - you get so much extra credit!

– student from PALEO212

Look bottom line is Prof. Geller is a .... neat guy! Even those who do not agree will admit that he's just a love machine. I mean the guy hooks up with students and my one of my friends told me he even got with a chick in the back of the library as he was showing off his own published book to her! Highly recommend this guy he's a total savage

- student from PAL101

He's a bit dry, but he does a hilarious impression of a velociraptor. Sometimes his lectures deviate from the curriculum (I totally didn't buy that Jurassic Park was his idea), and he wears too much hair gel. But if you tell him you're in love with him, he might give you an A. This happened for my friend Ned

- student from PAL101

Best lesson ever taught: if you didn't eat fast, you didn't eat

- student from ANTH101

Loved this professor. Only thing is he gave us homework when we were on a break. WE WERE ON A BREAK

- student from ANTH101

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