Man becomes viral sensation for eating an entire rotisserie chicken for 40 consecutive days

Man becomes viral sensation for eating an entire rotisserie chicken for 40 consecutive days
Preparing bag roasted chicken with Chef Bobby

Hundreds of locals cheered on a Philadelphia man as he reached his 40th consecutive day chowing down on rotisserie chicken.

Alexander Tominsky, 31, kickstarted his bizarre challenge on September 28 because he said it "seemed like the right thing to do." For six weeks straight, Alexander consumed an entire shop-bought rotisserie per day, which prompted thousands of followers to send messages of courage online.

Viral footage on Twitter showed the audience yelling "chicken man" and cheering the man on for his final leg of the journey.

He has since transformed into a local hero and internet sensation.

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Ahead of the final day, Alexander handed out flyers around the area, which read: "November 6th will be the 40th consecutive day that I have eaten an entire rotisserie chicken. 12 o'clock noon."

It disclaimed: "This is not a party."

He told the local news outlet, Billy Penn, "I mean, nothing's a challenge without a little bit of pain and without a little bit of pain, it's hard to understand what it feels like to feel good."

Alexander said the challenge had been "pretty easy" when he started out but, "now, it’s really taken a toll on my body."

"I have had so much sodium and have felt really dizzy at times and my stomach is just bloated," he said.

"But over the last two days, I went to the pier where I plan to eat my last chicken in front of hopefully thousands of people, and I [felt] pretty good' - equating the sensation to something of 'an adrenaline rush."

Many Twitter users were quick to praise his accomplishments, with one calling it "inspirational".

Another joked about his "non-party" disclaimer, writing: "This was not a party. This was a gathering of like-minded people in casual attire oohing and aahhing as this fine gentleman ate a delectable chicken. No red solo cups can be seen."

Meanwhile, a third humoured: "Not trying to take anything away from this accomplishment, but no one cheered me when I ate an egg a day for forty consecutive days."

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