The bottom of postboxes have to be seen to be believed

The bottom of postboxes have to be seen to be believed
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The humble red post box is something most people see all the time, but you’ve probably never given a thought to what the bottom of one looks like.

Now thanks to a viral picture, people’s minds have been blown as it revealed they go way deeper underground than almost anyone knew.

In a picture tweeted by Twitter user @fecklessfox100, they revealed the little known fact that iconic red postboxes are actually much bigger than they appear at ground level.

Alongside a picture of three post boxes showing the bottom part of them, they wrote: “Today is the day I learnt that they’re not just attached to the floor!”

It’s fair to say, this revelation blew the minds of many other people who replied with their stunned reactions.

Someone replied: “You learn something new everyday. This is the day for me.”

Another person joked: “If you don’t take them out down to the root, they’ll just grow back!”

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“Omg they’re like extracted post office teeth,” another user claimed.

One baffled user simply wrote: “WHAT.”

Other users explained that the deep foundations are how postboxes have survived bomb blasts that destroyed everything else around them.

Someone wrote: “This one was beside the truck that blew up in Manchester by the IRA and still stands in the same place, unblemished, while everything around it had to be rebuilt.

“This is the most important post box in the world.”

Well, they say every day’s a school day for a reason.

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