Russian fecal clinic offers customer discount to anyone using promo code 'Amber Heard'

Russian fecal clinic offers customer discount to anyone using promo code 'Amber Heard'
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A lot of memes have come out of the Depp v. Heard trial, but a faecal clinic in Russia might have taken the cake by offering a 15 per cent discount to anyone who uses their promocode "Amber Heard".

The clinic's campaign appears to be making reference to the infamous accusation that Heard dropped a doodoo on Johnny Depp's bed, and then claimed it was one of their dogs.

The comments under a Reddit post of the advertisement for the campaign show that most people think the clinic missed a trick by going with "Amber Heard" for the promocode, when instead they should have gone for "Amber Turd".

One Reddit user says that they have found the clinic's statement: “We at LabQuest believe that no one can be charged without evidence. It is impossible to be cancelled just because a person, brand, culture, people or country is "suitable" for this. That is why we are introducing the promo code "Amber Heard", with which you can get a 15% discount on any fecal analysis in LabQuest. We accept your "proof"! The offer is valid from June 3 to July 4, 2022”.

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Another comment reads "I appreciate that Amber heard is bringing together all political sides and all countries in our combined hatred for the turd."

It isn't 100 per cent clear whether or not the clinic's statement is also alluding to Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February, but it is a possibility. Since the invasion, Russia has faced economic sanctions and public condemnation by numerous leaders and public figures, and this could be the clinic's way of voicing their support for Putin.

It's definitely odd to make light of a serious case of domestic abuse, but then it's also messed up to invade your neighbouring country. Just a thought.

The Depp v Heard defamation trial, that was followed by thousands of people, came to a conclusion on June 1st, with Johnny Depp found liable for just one matter of defamation, while his ex-wife Amber Heard was found liable for all three matters of defamation held against her.

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