Ryanair tells GB News host to 'stick to poor quality broadcasting' in savage Twitter spat

Ryanair tells GB News host to 'stick to poor quality broadcasting' in savage Twitter spat
British Airways troll Ryanair in TikTok

You might have noticed Ryanair mocking Novak Djokovic for comments he made over his vaccine stance.

The airline roasted the tennis player after he broke his silence over his recent jab controversy, when his visa was cancelled meaning he could not play in the Australian Open.

The Serbian told the BBC that although he is “keeping his mind open” about getting a Covid vaccine in the future, and is not part of the anti-vax movement, he would be prepared to miss this year’s French Open and Wimbledon tournaments over his “principles”.

Ryanair seized the idea of Djokovic not being an anti-vaxxer but refusing to get a jab, quipping: "We're not an airline but we do fly planes".

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The tweet soon went viral with some finding it hilarious and others telling them to stick to airline content, as you might expect.

But what you might not have noticed is that amid the row, the airline managed to get into a spat with a GB News host as well.

It started when host Calvin Robinson, criticised Ryanair for mocking Djokovic and told them they "barely manage" to fly planes.

"Stick to poor quality budget travel, leave the politics to others," he said.

It is fair to say Ryanair more than took the bate, retorting: "Stick to poor quality broadcasting, leave the politics to others." Burn.

Robinson then said: "Ryanair tried to dump on Novak Djokovic, now they’re trying to initiate a pile-on in my direction.

"Interesting tactic for a commercial airline. Bold PR move, attacking customers on social media."

Ryanair has advanced a curious approach to social media for a while now. They have got involved in everything from alleged Downing Street parties to Eric Trump. They even tried to troll rival British Airways, but the less said about that the better.

Now it seems even GB News is not safe from their acerbic tweets. As for their "poor quality broadcasting"? Just ask Mike Hunt what he thinks about that.

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