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We’ve got to save energy - even if it means consuming dead people to do it.

That’s according to one architect-in-training, Sam Gray Coulton, who believes Londoners should be prepared to drink the deceased.

Resomation - the environmentally alternative to flame cremation and burial known as water cremation - offers a new, highly efficient and humane way of dealing with our dead. It could even potentially create drinking water.

Picture: Sam Gray Coulton

The proposed necropolis would dissolve bodies with chemicals, and the resulting water used in “pools, saunas, an urban farm for flowers, botanical curiosities and medicinal plants”, according to a press release.

That way, “the living Londoner is encouraged to interact with the deceased Londoner”.

Picture: Sam Gray Coulton

Picture:Picture: Sam Gray Coulton

Picture: Sam Gray Coulton

Creepy. But why not drink your dead? London is running out of burial space: around 200 Londoners each day opt to be cremated, using as much energy each time as the domestic demands of a single person for an entire month.

Plus, it will look good. Blue burial shrouds will have the colour "essentially boiled out of them", dying the water and the building blue.

Picture: Sam Gray Coulton

Why blue? Inspired by French artist Yves Klein, whose blue monochrome canvasses defined him, Coulton chose blue for its link to "depth, tranquillity and space".

The project would not only save energy, but hopes the water flowing naturally through the site would “comment on the current political and societal trend towards a greater level of narcissism”. We can all get on board with that.

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