Michael Ray

Each year, this doting dad makes sure Christmas is extra special for his six-year-old daughter.

Michael Ray has raised Charlie alone for four years, as she is no longer able to see her mum.

But Ray does his best to make sure she knows both her parents love her, with a letter from Santa every Christmas.

Picture:Picture: Michael Ray

Ray and Charlie have plenty of Christmas traditions.

There's Jingles the elf that Charlie looks after to stop him getting into sticky situations, like the time he went for a fly with Buzz Lightyear.

Picture:Picture: Michael Ray

And while some parents might be tempted to leave out milk and cookies and call it a day, Ray doesn't hold back.

In Charlie's house, Santa even has footprints.

Picture:Picture: Michael Ray

But most special of all are the letters.

Here is another one from Santa:

Picture:Picture: Michael Ray

Ray's dedication as a single dad means Charlie always has a magical Christmas knowing she's loved.

Picture:Picture: Michael Ray 

Ray told indy100:

I usually include a letter from Santa explaining the reason he didn't bring dad a present was because before Charlie was born I wished on a magic star and promised I'd never ask for anything ever again if I could just have a baby daughter.

And now dad's got his wish come true so she's like Christmas every day for me!

I always include a letter from Santa to make Charlie feel special and to let her feel some pride in herself after receiving praise from someone other than me.

He added:

I always make a point of mentioning her mum even though Charlie's had no contact with her since she was 2.5 years old because I feel no good can ever come from Charlie resenting her mum

Picture:Picture: Michael Ray

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