As news that Sarah Huckabee Sanders (AKA Trump's biggest fan) resigned after two years as White House Press Secretary spread, so did comments about her controversial legacy

The former press secretary, who hasn't held a press briefing in a record 96 days, has been characterised by her unwavering loyalty and defense of the president's continuos stream of lies.

This is why comedian and political commentator Samantha Bee, who hosts the TV programme Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, posted a hilarious apology spoof video on Twitter, which brilliantly edited Sanders' former speeches so that she appears to say:

I have acted more like a scripted robot than a press secretary and I apologise that I have disrespected and said insulting things about the press

Have a look below.

And people loved it.

The "Full Frontal" Twitter account also released another hilarious montage of Sanders' "best moments", featuring an empty podium in an obvious dig at the fact she has basically killed off the daily press meetings.

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