Trevor Noah mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders for 'quitting a job which she wasn't doing'

Trevor Noah mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders for 'quitting a job which she wasn't doing'

On Thursday night, Donald Trump announced that Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be leaving her role as White House press secretary at the end of June.

According to the president, Sanders will be returning to her home state of Arkansas in a bid to run for governor. He concluded by thanking her for her 3 and a half years of service.

This is somewhat surprising news as Sanders is seen as a loyal member of the Trump administration, that has routinely covered for the president's many, many mishaps.

Not everyone was that surprised by this announcement. Daily Show host Trevor Noah went to town on Sanders by saying that she effectively quit the job months ago after she stopped giving press conferences.

I said she is quitting. And we know that this is true because she’s denied it. But this news isn’t that surprising because you realise she stopped giving press conferences months ago.

So it’s just quitting what she already wasn’t doing. She’s basically quit being press secretary the same way Trump quit Crossfit.

Elsewhere, Jimmy Kimmel also gave his thoughts on Sanders leaving, highlighting that she is 'going home to become a professional skateboarder.'

She's going home to be a professional skateboarder. That's true — or at least it's as true as everything she said while she was working at the White House.

In tribute to her departure, Kimmel then played a tribute to all the 'Hucka-BS that she gave us.'

Jimmy Fallon completed the hat-trick of comedians mocking Sanders, by saying that she said "nothing as usual' in a statement and that Trump's next press secretary would be 'Twitter.'

Beyond the world of television, Twitter was predictably merciless on Sanders and her tenure at the White House.

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