Scientists have invented a magnetic slime robot that can go inside people

Scientists have invented a magnetic slime robot that can go inside people
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It's no April Fools joke, scientists have really invented a magnetic slime robot that can go inside people.

In what feels like the inspiration for a new Black Mirror episode, a New Scientist magazine published an article about a "slime robot," leading many to question whether or not the story was actually true.

On Twitter, many people have been debating whether it was simply an ill-timed revelation or a gag.

"A robot made of magnetic slime could be deployed inside the body to perform tasks such as retrieving objects swallowed by accident," wrote New Scientist on Twitter.

Apparently, The Chinese University of Hong Kong has developed magnetic slime that can be used inside the human body to retrieve accidentally swallowed small items. This of course could prevent people from choking and be life-saving if done correctly and with no hiccups.

The durable slime is said to be able to move through complex and narrow passages just millimeters wide, reaching speeds of up to 30 millimeters per second.

The research paper was published on March 25, canceling out any theories of it being a joke. It suggests that this new robot could be ideal for moving towards less invasive surgery or for targeted drug delivery.

On Twitter, many people have very strong opinions about the use of this mini slime. For one, it's led people to largely make the same joke.

"Science is trying to make #VENOM," wrote one person.

Even Sony jumped in to share their thoughts, "slime… inside the body… ? interesting…"

"Every tech advance now comes with one possible positive use and every nefarious exploitation available that science fiction warned us about long ago," said another person.

"Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope nope. Scientists, I’m begging you, you have seen the movies about intelligent goo, I know you have. How could this possibly end well!!" wrote another.

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