This Scottish waste removal company's email address is a thing of beauty


Grant Henderson Tankers (GHT) is a waste removal company, with quite simply one of the best email addresses in history.

The Glaswegian firm is responsible for pumping the human waste out of portaloos, and according to its website it also does drain unblocking and 'septic tank services'.

Basically the brown stuff is its business.

On Sunday, a photograph of one of the company's tankers went viral on Reddit, due to the very direct nature of GHT's email address.

Some bad-ass CSI style 'enhancing' of the image brings GHT's email address to your attention.

Picture:Picture: DeadPlantOnASpeaker/Imgur

The post has been viewed on Imgur over one million times.

Embracing its business, and the emoji dream, the GHT Facebook page has set this as its profile photo:

Eagle eyed readers will note the licence plate on this particular truck:

0K 2P00

Simply punderful.


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