This Secret Service dog managed to get a seat on a plane

This Secret Service dog managed to get a seat on a plane

In a week when airplane seats have apparently been in short supply, one lucky German Shepherd was able to nab his own seat on a flight from Palm Beach to Washington DC on Monday.

A pair of pointed ears sticking out from the seat in front was spotted by NBC journalist Kelly O’Donnell, who couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a picture and make a bad pun on Twitter.

O’Donnell is a political reporter who had been covering Donald Trump’s visit to his golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida, over the weekend – his 16th such trip in just over 11 weeks.

It is understood the German Shepherd was a Secret Service dog and part of the president’s security team.

Inevitably, O’Donnell’s post sparked a slew of bad dog jokes on Twitter.

Some saw the irony that a dog got better treatment than the doctor who was dragged off a United Airlines flight on Monday

But other users saw the picture as evidence of the enormous cost of the president’s frequent trips to Florida.

Trump is said to be returning to Palm Beach yet again for the Easter weekend. It is estimated each trip costs the American taxpayer upwards of $3million.

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